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"You're human?" Um, Yes.

Home since 2000 - Carver, Oregon one of many filming locations for Twilight. I had no knowledge of books or filming as I drove to & from work passing right by production trailers! That was in 2008. I started being curious about Twilight about 2012.....

Then all Jell-O broke loose. I was obsessed. I learned about cos-playing in 2020 and thought it was odd but then I finally got it! I have several favorite players now (2021). I refer to myself as a Newborn because everyone else in the Fandom seems to have much more time in, consequently, I've learned so much. My online social communication sometimes comes off rude, which I have been taken aback, as I do not ever want to hurt anyone's feelings, ever. I just put it out there...maybe too much. I was born 1953 in California. Moved around and ended up Oregon in 1970. Gave birth to a baby boy in 1972…. Love of my life.

I retired in 2009 from a very stressful but rewarding career. I'm on LinkedIn if a need more of that info. I am married to my Edward and everyone in my family knows it.

My favorite scene is....“The Twilight opening scene, a fawn drinks from a pond in the forest”.

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