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Collecting Isn't Dead...

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Upon registering an account with Instagram in hopes to use it as a fun extension of this blog, I’ve already had tons of conversations and quick interactions with a bunch of you. A lot of kind and supportive words filled my feed and honestly… it made my heart flutter. It was so amazing to hear

“I used to read your blog back in the day-”

and “I was wondering if this account was you!”, but the comments that really stick out to me right now are the “I found your blog a couple of months ago!”,

“I Just found your blog and used it to start building my wardrobe”

and “I’m a bit late to the game, but your blog has been helping me!”.

I didn’t think people had stopped collecting. I still run the blog’s facebook group and see people interacting all the time. What surprises me is the amount of newcomers and the sudden growth boom in the Twilight clothing community. At this point, I can only assume it was because of the release of ‘Midnight Sun‘. Perhaps a majority of the newcomers were too young back in the day? Or maybe some of them just weren’t in a stable position to be collecting? (I’d love to hear your stories!)

Reflecting on that had me thinking… what would it feel like to start collecting from films that have long since been released? Honestly I feel a bit jaded and disappointed in myself. I’ve been hunting and collecting even BEFORE Twilight was released in theaters. This passion of mine was always somewhat right in front of me, and I was able to surround myself with it easily. (Don’t get me wrong, It was still a lot of work, and most pieces were very difficult to find/ very expensive right from the start!) I never stopped to think about a close friend’s experience with his passion for collecting from very old films, and never fully understood the work he’d put into acquiring things that, to me now, would seem impossible to find. Where did he even start?

That must be what it’s like for someone new to the community. Starting off with a blank slate… an empty closet, a huge passion, and the feeling of no where to go.

I’d like to be the person to help these people. I want this blog to be an outlet; a home. It will continue to do what it’s been doing for years, and I am so excited and so passionate to start this new chapter of collecting in the community.

Collecting isn’t dead…It’s just evolving.

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