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Hi everyone! I’m here to ask for a little help today🙏🏻 Kristie Reed has an amazing Etsy shop called CrystalIcing where she sells many wonderful jewellery pieces including this beautiful replica of Bella’s engagement ring!

Her products are all made with real Swarovski crystals and with so much love!❤️This ring has an adjustable band and it sparkles so much in real life😍 her shop has been suffering a lot lately and she might have to close🥺 she is an incredible person who works so hard for every piece she makes!

Supporting small businesses in this time is so important so I have come up with a little idea to help her, on my Instagram account @thegoodbellaswan I have shared that I will give a shoutout on my stories and send a lil FREE GIFT (twilight related of course) to everyone who makes a purchase from her store❤️ if you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable Bella ring replica I can 100% recommend this one😍

For any questions you can DM Kristie on Instagram @kristie_reed_jewelry_designs

And here is the link to her Etsy shop

Let me know if you purchase something so I can send you a gift❤️ This offer is valid until the end of the week!



Welcome to the group! this is for all Bella clothing related...
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