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Hi! I'm Christilynn, a Bella Swan cosplayer

Back in 2009 I created a blog called Inside Bella's Closet. It was a creative outlet for me and my twilight fangirl side, and featured Bella Swan's clothing, what brands they were, and where to find them. Over the years the blog's popularity increased, and because of this I have met some pretty amazing people, and even have a cosplay troupe, The Olympic Coven, that appears in the real Forks, Washington at Forever Twilight in Forks, the worlds largest Twilight fan festival!

My goal is and always has been to help people who are cosplaying Bella Swan or simply collecting her wardrobe. This website is an evolution of my original blog, made with love to support the wonderful Twilight community that has always lifted me up, and made me feel I belong. 

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